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Hiring And Dating. Are They Really So Different? Part 2 Of 2

Welcome at the second part of our mini serial by Miroslava Barcova, Statutory Director at D.C.G. Delta Consulting Group/ Kennedy Executive Search Czechia. In the previous article we got to the first date/ first round of an interview.

What comes next?

1. Next rounds

Usually people do not get married after the first date. The same stands for employment. And the more mature people are, the more rounds it takes to accept give and get the offer, the more they think it through.

However, there are also cases of love at the first sight, jumping into a relationship (marriage/ employment) is immediate.

2. Offer – Betrothal or Offer Letter, Employment contract in advance or Marriage contract

The offer means something, does not matter if you give a ring or send an Offer Letter.

People and employers think it through a lot before they give the offer to the other sideBoth, people and employers are a little nervous when giving the offer, asking themselves “Will she/he accept it?” and “What if she/he does not accept it?”Both sides are considering all consequences, expectations and possibilities carefully. There are the same questions, does not matter if giving or accepting. We ask ourselves: “Is it really the right match?” “Will it last?” and sometimes also “Shall I accept this offer or the other one?” or “What are the advantages of this one and of the other one?” and sometimes also “ I am not 100% convinced, but let’s give it a try. There is always an option of leaving and finding something/somebody else.“Last, but not least, the more mature you are, the more careful you are. Fresh graduates frequently accept a job without hesitating as well as young people say “yes” easily just like this. More mature people want to see their employment contract and know exact conditions in advance. When asked to marry somebody, they conclude a marriage contract

3. Living together or trial period

The only difference is that trial period comes after the “employment marriage”. Otherwise while living together or a trial period:

We all get to know each other also without the great make up and in a bad moodWe learn bad habits of the other side, revealing if we can stand them or notWe should give our feedback to the other side. If we do not do that we risk it will not work and we get separated because of things we could solve togetherWe have to work on a good relationship, it does not come itself

4. Great finaleEmployment or marriage?

Are they really so different?

Let’s see what they have got in common.

When concluding the employment contract or entering a marriage, 90% really mean it seriously and hope it will lastThere are people who marry someone just on purpose and do not mean it as a long-term thing. They just want to be married, they marry somebody just because of money, getting a permanent stay and a million of other purposes. Come and go. The same with candidates. They seem to be ideal, however their real intention shows up after. The result is usually the same in both cases. One side loses money, sometime huge amounts of money.We marry not the only the person but also people around, i.e. the family. When entering a company, we do not accept only our boss, but also the team.

So, even though so different, are they really so different?

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