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When Retention Becomes the Enemy of Recruitment

Retention Slows Career Progression

If no one leaves, how can you promote other people?

Companies reported that people who love their company leave so they can gain more valuable experience elsewhere. Once time has passed, they re-apply for more senior jobs from an external vantage point because that’s the only way they can progress.

Retention Can Be at Odds With a Performance-Driven Culture

When employers place too much emphasis on retaining their existing workforce, this can be at odds with the cultivation of a performance-driven culture. Think about it: If you know that your job is relatively safe and secure due to your company’s focus on retention, then there’s a tacit implication that KPIs and performance objectives are more of a guideline and not clear targets with consequences.

Retention Forces HR to Fight a Losing Battle

The truth is quite obvious: You can’t control tenure, so you shouldn’t even try. As an employer, you should simply accommodate choice and focus on building a reputation as a talent accelerant, come-what-may.

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