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We feel responsible

Corporate responsibility


We have been cooperating as volunteers with the Talents and Skills Foundation for a long time, which helps young people from children's homes to enter real life.   

As a Kennedy Executive partner, we participate in Kennedy Cares' global activities each year, which focuses on social projects related to HR and recruitment. 


One of the principles that we strictly adhere to is equal opportunities. That is why we have become members of the Business & Professional Women Czech Republic association, a public benefit organization that unites women in 95 countries around the world. It advocates, among other things, equal opportunities for women in the labor market. It organizes the Equal Pay Day conference every year. 

Personal responsibility

We respect not only corporate but also personal responsibility. All team members not only participate in the company's activities, but also privately support beneficial organizations, such as People in Need , Chronicle of the Nation , Amnesty International and Kangaroo .

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