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Market Research & Talent Mapping

96%  The company cites human resources as one of three key areas  to achieve its goals and prosperity.

Only  5%  companies report implementation  systematic and regular mapping  potential talent for key positions.

87%  companies admit that they sometimes faced the consequences of leaving  key employee in a managerial or professional position.

92%  companies acknowledge that the consequences of the departure of such employees would be  significantly  less painful if they filled the position earlier. 

Find out where your key people are


in planning the further development of the company

in strategic human resource planning

for the readiness of key employees to leave

to reduce the financial impact of the departure of a key employee

to determine the position and perception of the company in the market

Find out more about the market

Talent Mapping is not just about information  about potential candidates. It is also an important source of information on:

competition and competitiveness of society

market perception of the company

remuneration and benefits competitiveness

What Talent Mapping contains

We always perform Talent Mapping according to the individual assignment and individual needs of the client. Can contain:

​ talent detection and mapping - names, positions and companies

interviews with selected candidates

interviewing selected candidates on topics agreed in advance with the client

compilation of the final report  

consultation in drawing up the next strategy

other activities or outputs resulting from the specific individual needs of the client

International coverage

Thanks to a partnership in an international organization  We provide Kennedy Executive in cooperation with partners in individual countries  Talent Mapping also at the international level. 

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