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Executive Search

We have many years of experience in the field of Executive Search. We occupy top management positions in both international and Czech companies. Thanks to the partnership with Kennedy Executive, we also participate in filling positions abroad.

Most of the positions we fill in Executive Search are in confidential mode.

The Executive Search method can be used not only for filling roles in top management and senior management , but also in the case of roles of highly professional senior specialists or narrowly specialized positions that are represented on a small scale.

Analysis and definition


Interview Process


Onboarding and adaptation


Close cooperation with the client throughout the project is an essential prerequisite for its successful completion. From the beginning, entering the position and clarifying the client's expectations, understanding of the operation and strategy of the company, definition of key tasks  and goals, through longlist consultation, providing partial information from interviews with selected candidates, feedback from client interviews, to offer management, onboarding and successful adaptation of the selected candidate in the client's company.


Regular intensive communication with the client during the search for candidates is the basis of cooperation for us. We inform the client at pre-agreed intervals and in a pre-agreed form about the status of the entire project.

Individual approach

We approach each project individually.  When searching, we combine classic direct search methods with advanced technologies in the field of AI. We also make intensive use of our network of contacts and references.


A comprehensive view of the candidate

Each recommended candidate always has a personal interview conducted by a senior consultant, who also verifies the references. We always check references not only with regard to the experience of the given candidate, but also with regard to soft skills, personality characteristics and overall work in the company, recommendations for further development and more.

We submit a comprehensive report on the candidate to the client, including outputs from verified references.

Out of the Box Thinking

We also assess candidates with regard to the potential for further benefits to the client. If we meet a candidate for whom we identify such potential, even if the client does not currently fill such a position, we will draw attention to him and mediate mutual contact.

More than a search

By accepting the offer from the candidate, the next stage of the whole process begins for us. We carefully monitor the candidate even during the adaptation in the new position. 

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